An Apocalypse Themed Photoshoot

A throwback to a great day spent with some wonderful creatives having fun and learning. I’m still finding my eye in photography and haven’t settled on a genre, but I have been able to participate in a few fashion photo shoots which have been great experiences.

My dynamic friend Sam @bn1_photos organised a TFP call out to local models and make up artists and I was able to tag along. The TFP format stands for something like “Time for Prints” which means the photographer and models agree to work together to share the fruits of the shoot. Therefore while no money changes hands, both photographer, make up artists and models get the prints for their portfolios.

Our team for the day

This is a really mutually beneficial practice when you’re an amateur like me or just starting out. I love shooting portraits, but haven’t the funds to pay for models and make up artists so this was an excellent way to practice my hobby and meet some new creatives and create a portfolio of work.

We arranged to meet on a Saturday and we chose a venue near the local Marina. It was HOT that day and the sunlight was harsh. Also as it was a Saturday and the sun was shining, everyone was out and we really struggled to find parking. Eventually we were all together on the top of the carpark at the Marina. The team consisted of two models, two MUAs and two photographers. We got the girls set up with makeup and I had knocked together a couple of garments for the models to wear.

The Theme was a sort of Mad Max /Apocalypse/ Sci Fi look inspired by some incredible clothing that Sam had found online. I knocked up a couple of garments using the Drape Drape Japanese sewing pattern book which arrived a week or so before. I wish I’d had a bit more time to make some better kit but this was not bad for what we needed.

We completed a great day and gathered some really good shots. Next challenge, I can’t wait to do another shoot like this.

What are you shooting?

Elaine x

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